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Patent Landscaping

 Data is just  data,  if provided without  substantive  context.   At Reverse Informatics the data collection is the core asset. We have refined the searching process and optimized the methods for patent  landscapes, for ensuring that our  data collections are  accurate
and  fit for purpose.  Our patent  landscape report  pinpoints trends and directions in the technology field of interest and included pivotal information on key technology providers.  

  • Find the right document
  • Filter out the noise
  • Identify the concept level details
  • Iteratively change the strategy multiple times
  • Shortlist probable prior arts
  • Prepare a report to share identified information format.

IP Research Offerings

 Patent/Non-Patent Literature Search

 Prior Art Search

 Patentability/Novelty Search

 Invalidity/Opposition Search

 Freedom-to-Operate (FTO)

 Infringement Search

 State of Art Search

 Patent Landscape Studies

 Patent Portfolio Management

 Claim Chart Mapping 

 Patent Watch 

 Inventor/ Assignee Search 

 Cited or Citing Patent Analysis

 Patent Drafting & Filing

Market Research

Technology Watch

Competitive Intelligence/Analysis

Competitor Tracking

Company Profiling

SWOT Analysis

Competitive Positioning

Competitive Landscape

Licensing In/Out Opportunities

Patent & Non-Patent Databases

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IEEE Xplore



Google Scholar

Our Mission

Patentability Search Basics

 A patentability search or patent novelty search is a search of the prior art (pre-existing inventions or products or knowledge) conducted before filing a patent application. After a U.S. non-provisional patent application is filed, the patent examiner at the Patent Office conducts a search to find out the whether the invention or product can be granted a patent. You may be thinking, then why should I do a patentability search if the patent office will be doing itself? A patentability search before filing a patent application is necessary to find out the novelty of the invention. Otherwise there will be a waste of time and money for preparing, filing, and prosecuting a patent application on an invention which cannot win a patent. A patent search result enables a patent attorney or a patent professional to draft an efficacious patent application. 

Patent Clearance Search

 A Patent Clearance Search or Freedom-To-Operate Search establishes whether any enforceable patents might be a hindrance to an invention or product before is launched in the market. This search is done to ensure that new or planned products can be brought to market without any fear of litigation from existing patent-holders or where a product can be legally operated. An Infringement search is more streamlined as it is conducted in the target country where the product will be marketed. 

  A patentability search helps to determine whether a product or invention can be patented or not. It also defines the scope of patent protection that an inventor or applicant will gain or achieve.

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