Are you ready for "in litero" drug discovery?

Translation informatics is the science that systematically identifies, collects and stores medicinal information, chiefly focusing on the prescribed drug and its dynamics to facilitate the much needed knowledge communication between the drug designing-optimizing researchers working in laboratories to their indirect counterpart physicians prescribing the drug. Translational informatics facilitates the integration of biology, medicine and semantics, linking fields of science, healthcare practice and engineering.

Every disease has its own characteristically complex nature, as larger volumes of interconnected genetic and clinical data are available, novel translational informatics approaches will facilitate the defragmentation of this complexity. Reverse Informatics is zealously researching on ways to modify informatics approaches for linking across naturally unrelated data and knowledge sources to enable new hypotheses conception and test its usefulness.

Reverse Informatics’ solution for Translational Informatics

Linking biological data with its clinical inference alone will not facilitate the concepts of translational informatics to be a success. Retrieval of relevant, comprehensive and complete information for any search is unachievable unless and until a controlled vocabulary is active in the database. We at Reverse Informatics have extensive experience in building standard control vocabulary and guidelines specific for every project’s need!

We worked with a leading provider of large-scale genomic software applications for whom we collected all the information pertaining to single nucleotide polymorphism associated with disease and drug response, which will aid in the fields of translational informatics and personalized medicine. The objective of the project is to provide an accurate, high utility and ultimately fully comprehensive catalog of human gene variation, useful as a research and clinical tool. Our information collection had all the reported genotypic, phenotypic, demographic and drug information with additional source links.

Our extensive expertise in custom building large databases welcomes new challenges across disciplines. If you have any ideas in translational informatics to develop, contact us at the earliest!