Are you ready for "in litero" drug discovery?

Second half of the twentieth century witnessed revolutions in the field of electrophysiology, molecular biology and computational neuroscience, a drastic increase and ever increasing research activity in the field of neuroscience was the end result. Large quantity of raw scientific research data has piled and is piling-up actively with time, locked in databases and unconnected to form a meaningful pattern. The knowledge ecosystem of neuroscience demands connectivity and easier navigability in the generated data, as the interrelationship between data are crucial for new scientific breakthroughs.


Realizing the modern scientific research’s importance of data as the pumping force for new discoveries, Neuroinformatics solutions offered by Reverse Informatics intend to bring about the seamless integration of neuroscience data, enabling the extraction of meaningful relationships across functional domains


Our neuroscience data warehouse is custom built as per your requirements. We supply a simple and efficient platform to facilitate navigation across the huge ocean of fast accumulating data.

Multi-faceted nature of Neuroscience research

Understanding the brain function demands scientific exploration at different organizational levels from anatomy and neural circuitry to behavior and molecular signaling. Research in neuroscience is inherently cross-disciplinary and extends from molecular to organismal levels, generating data that is diverse and heterogeneous. Neuroinformatics approaches must account for storing and analyzing a wide variety of experimental data including gene and protein expression profiles, brain images, tissue staining, electrical recordings and behavioral information. The huge quantum of data and its diversity demand creative approaches in data mining that facilitate data integration and analysis from a common searchable platform.


Reverse informatics completely understands this space! We offer solutions for every interest of yours in neuroscience. One such example is our recent collaboration with Tufts University to develop a unique informatics solution targeted towards the Neuroscience community (Press Release).

Neuroinformatics solutions from Reverse Informatics

Neuroinformatics solution offered by Reverse Informatics integrates and analyzes neuroscience data from various sources and improves accessibility of the data for the research users. We provide user friendly features which enable data mining using custom queries and numerous predefined search criteria, simplifying data retrieval and analysis. By facilitating the consolidation of relevant information in a common platform and providing simple but powerful tools to analyze the available information in diverse ways, we aim to further the cause of the neuroscience research community in translating the discoveries made on the bench into new therapies for neurological diseases.