Are you ready for "in litero" drug discovery?

"Noise becomes data when it has a cognitive pattern. Data becomes information when assembled into a coherent whole, which can be related to other information. Information becomes knowledge when integrated with other information in a form useful for making decisions and determining actions. Knowledge becomes understanding when related to other knowledge in a manner useful in anticipating, judging and acting. Understanding becomes wisdom when informed by purpose, ethics, principles, memory and projection"

--George Santayana

Science is an organized body which speaks a universal language. New science is build on the work of the past. Knowing the history is essential to develop a better insight for future breakthroughs. The mastery of knowledge developed by previous workers aides in choosing the right path and quickening the process to be a success. We enable you the vision and essence of the past, captured in simple granulated form to enable the scientist in working in an information rich environment from day one.


“Reverse informatics” is our shorthand for exploiting the existing knowledge to generate new knowledge. Analogous to in vivo, in vitro, in silico, we call ours “in litero”: A Literature Driven Drug Discovery Research.


Data, Information and Knowledge (D-I-K) are regarded as the basic building blocks of Information Science. If we consider the sequential order D-I-K as Forward Informatics, the process of getting back the “source Data” from the primary literature can be called as Reverse Informatics: Knowledge, Information and Data (K-I-D). Reverse Informatics helps you to gain true and complete knowledge from the “biased” knowledge by retrieving back the “naked” facts that is Data.




Join us, experience the art of generating new knowledge.