Are you ready for "in litero" drug discovery?

Reverse Informatics provides services in patent analytics specific to the needs of pharma, generic and agro industries. The market for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals are growing rapidly but with the promises of boon comes the bane, more IP disputes, infringement cases, competition to lead and various forms of authorization issues. Our reports and landscape analysis will aid you in making more informed decisions while assessing the commercial & legal landscape surroundings, designing & developing R&D strategies and we also keep enable you to be up to date with current activities in generics market.



We are well trained in performing as well as analyzing biological sequence searches from both public and commercial databases to discover amino acid (peptides and proteins) or nucleic acid (genes) sequences that either exactly matches or that are similar to a sequence of interest.

Our expertise includes molecular structure analysis, Markush structure searching, organic, inorganic chemical processing, formulations and others. We have extensive experience to perform various types of chemistry searches in CAS’ databases through STN Express.

Our team of experts can effectively perform

Gene Sequence Search
Exact Chemical Structure Search
Chemical Substructure Search
Markush Chemical Search
Chemical Reaction Search
Chemical Property Search


Our team of agronomists, entomologists, agriculturists and engineers analyze and evaluate innovative and integrated solutions to agricultural and water resource problems. We have extensive experience in the field of fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural equipments.



The following is the list of services that we offer as a part of Generic Pharmaceutical Intelligence to our clients:

Freedom to Operate (FTO)
Patent Validity Analysis
Patent Landscape
Competitive Analysis/Intelligence
Market Intelligence
Company Profiling
New Drug R&D Monitor
Drug Profile
Drug Formulation Mapping
Synthetic Process Mapping
Claim Mapping Chart
Service Provider Directory


We ensure that all data is Comprehensive, thorough, current and accurate. We disaggregate data elements from a patent document and compare those data elements to like data elements in other patent documents in the dataset.

Freedom to operate (FTO)

Freedom to operate (FTO) enables pharmaceutical and agro companies to identify

white spaces of research to exploit and grow
identify potential markets across the globe
scan for patent liabilities across countries of interest
best comparison results to determine the FTO claim

Patent Validity Analysis

A validity search is carried out for

ascertaining the authenticity of a patent
clarifying infringement doubts

Patent Landscape

A search to map the past and present IP activities of your competitor within a technology. Our comprehensive competitive intelligence report will supply you with

trends within the technology
licensing opportunities
seed patents in a technology
key players of a technology
identify the R&D focus

Competitive Analysis

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. Our analysis will enable you with

identify possible opportunities and threats
make better offensive and defensive strategies
efficient and effective strategy formulation
better implementation of plans
constant activity monitoring

Market Intelligence

We will analyze and provide you a report which will enable you to identify

possible market opportunity
plan better market penetration strategy
market development activities

Company Profiling

A tool to solidify the relationship between you and your customers, generate leads and increase your brand awareness. We will supply all the information you will need to sell yourself better!