Are you ready for "in litero" drug discovery?

We are biologists, chemists, engineers, medical professionals most importantly Reverse Informaticians with extensive industry experience. We deliver data extracted from primary literature which helps you in getting smarter results.

We are expert on-line researchers utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to transform scientific literature from free-from densely written articles into high quality structured data from which small molecules, proteins, diseases and species and their inter-relationships are easily accessible.

Reverse Informatics provides specialized solution for knowledge generation in drug discovery, patent analytics and key opinion leader profiling.

Dr. Parthiban Srinivasan, PhD
is the President & CEO

of Parthys Reverse Informatics.
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Brief Profile of Dr. Parthiban Srinivasan

Parthiban is the founder of Reverse Informatics. Reverse Informatics serves three verticals being custom curation, patent analytics and thought/opinion leaders research. Custom curation is performed across Life Sciences and Chemistry, patent analytics across Biotech and High-tech industries, and thought leaders for Pharma industries.

Parthi earned his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, specialising in Computational Chemistry. He possesses dual Masters Degree - one in Science and the other in Engineering. He has authored several international and national research publications and a chapter in a book. He worked for NASA Ames Research Center, Weizmann Institute of Science and AstraZeneca. Later, Parthi moved into Contract Research Organisations in India, where he headed Knowledge Engineering Business Units.

Dr. Parthiban Srinivasan, PhD